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We improve applications so that they are easier to manage in the cloud

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Do you have an old application that internal resources are too busy to work on?

We have a sweet spot where we take aging application code bases and modernize the stack. We work with many different stacks.

  • C# Dot Net Core
  • Node.js / react.js / TypeScript
  • Python
  • Go

Modern applications make it easy to get value to production. This means speeding up development cycles by encouraging small batches of changes with automation to take care of the many steps to move code from source control to production. Legacy applications that are monolithic in structure, make it difficult to iterate quickly. We are passionate about improving code bases so that teams can iterate software delivery. Software is not valuable until it is running in production. Let us help you modernize your application so that it is faster and easier to provide value.

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Our Services

Cloud Migration

A lift-and-shift migration can get you into the cloud; however, the real benefits occurr when your application can consume the platform services. Logging, monitoring, alerting, managed databases, pub/sub queues, security improvements and other PaaS offerings all help drive down total cost of ownership and create better SLA adherence and developer productivity.

Architecture Modernization

Software development practices and patterns keep improving and making it easier to iterate from idea to value faster than we have ever been able to in the past. We can offer strategic advice and planning to decompose monolithic application stacks into independentanly deployable units that allow smaller batches of work, faster delivery times, and better capabilities.

Codebase Modernization

Any application that has been taking care of user needs will have technical debt from different prioritizations necessary to deliver working software. Let us offer a fresh perspective on source code management and software delivery that can improve confidence and improve release cadence and avoid rollbacks.

Value Stream Speed Up

Software in not valuable until it is providing value to users in production. Wether you have a CI/CD process or are manually promoting code to production, we can help you spped up the delivery and improve observability of the entire SDLC process.